Lola Severina was created to become more in tune with our Filipinx roots while motivated by sustainability. This was inspired by Lola (meaning grandma in Tagalog) Severina, who received her degree in Chemical Engineering but her husband did not allow her to work in a "man's field". She then became a seamstress, chemistry teacher & chemist who created her own handmade products. This is for her and to influence others to break barriers.

Sustainability: Products are hand poured and small batch made, with sustainability always in mind. Certain products and packaging materials may be upcycled, diverting waste from the landfill. Packaging is compostable and recyclable, with little to no plastic included.

Giving Back

10/2020 - October is National Women's Small Business Month! Here's to all the women entrepreneurs out there. Unfortunately not everyone has the financial capabilities or the opportunity to create and grow their business. To give back, Lola Severina will be donating proceeds to help support women entrepreneurs in the Philippines. A portion of the sales from Oct 15th through 31st, will be donated to Kiva. Kiva is an international non-profit organization "aiming to expand financial access to help underserved communities".

12/2020 - For the month of December, 20% of profits will go to creating a waste management system around the beaches in Hinunangan, Philippines. Trash from the beaches continue to pollute our oceans and it’s time to do something about it. Why does this matter? Man made marine debris harms ocean ecosystems, at which directly affects us. Through the fisherman livelihood, seafood supply, tourism decline and health of the locals. Based on NOAA it can take about 450 years for the ocean to fully break down plastic. As these plastics and styrofoams slowly degrade, it enters our own bodies through the seafood we eat. Consumption of these micro-plastics are linked to several health problems.

12/2021 - Right before the holidays of 2021, a super typhoon hit southern Philippines and devastated many towns. Our hometown, Hinunangan, was one of them. Homes and businesses were destroyed, while resources were extremely scarce. We raised $2900 for Typhoon Odette relief funds in Hinunangan. This was fundraised in various ways; donations, Bangon Hinunangan Print orders, and a Kasama Night Market giveaway.