Yakap Herbal Bath Salts

$5.00 - $18.00

Yakap /yah.kap/ translates to embrace or to hug in Tagalog.

Feeling off? Yakap Herbal Bath Salts are formulated to provide a relaxing bathing experience using all natural ingredients to embrace your body and soul. Allow yourself to be still for a few moments. This is perfect, especially paired with our Kalinaw Body Oil, for self care and bath lovers.

How to use:
- start a warm bath.
- sprinkle 2-4 tablespoons of Yakap Herbal Bath Salts into water OR add mixture into a mesh/muslin bag for easier cleaning.
- optional: add a few drops of our Kalinaw Body Oil for a hydrating boost.
- enjoy ~ soak, disconnect, relax, read, & drink some tea.

End of Life:
Packaging is made of bioplastic and can be composted when done!

- Epsom Salt
- Lavender Flowers
- Jasmine Flowers
- Butterfly Pea Flowers

Dimensions: 5 W x 3 D x 8.25 H - Approx. 16 oz weight

Handmade with love in Denver, Colorado.

  • 16 oz resealable pouch
  • 3 oz sample pouch