Maayo Scrunchie Set

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Maayo /ma.a.yo/ translates to GOOD in the visayan dialect of the Philippines.

Our Maayo products benefit the environment by transforming hard to recycle materials into new products. Giving these materials, that would just sit in our landfills or oceans, a new life.

These Maayo scrunchies are made from thrifted (or should I say ukay-ukay) textiles and fabric - making each one unique and good for our planet. Did you know globally we produce about 92 million tonnes of textile waste each year? Textile waste from developed countries and big corporations are often pushed away to "less developed" countries, like the Philippines. It's time to take matters into our own hands, how can you reduce your textile waste and support our global communities?

Scrunchies will be randomly selected due to the various fabric selections. Stop by our future pop ups to see them all.

Handcrafted in Southern Leyte, Philippines - supporting real people!