Natural Luffa Sponge

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4" Heirloom Luffa sponges from the Luffa Farm in Nipomo, CA. All naturally grown multi-purpose sponges! To name a few, use as a bathing luffa/loofah to exfoliate skin or as a natural dishwashing sponge. Feel even better reducing your plastic and landfill waste with this simple switch. At the end of it's life simply throw in your compost bin.

These natural luffas are actually made from a vegetable in the cucumber family! It is edible when harvested young, but when left to mature on the vine they will create these fibrous sponges.

Most luffas found in stores go through treatment processes that cause them to become harsh on your skin. These luffas are from a small California farm and are soft when wet, non-abrasive and completely plant based.

Luffa Care:
- Keep dry when not in use
- Disinfect as needed by boiling in hot water or microwaving
- Add anti-microbial essential oils to them like peppermint
- Compost at the end of its life