Himaya Hair Oil

$22.00 - $64.00

Himaya /hi.má.yâ./ - translates to bliss, great beauty, and high honor in the Visayan (bisaya) dialect of the Philippines.

Solar infused hair oil formulated to nourish your hair (and your nails) all naturally. A blend of argon, castor, and sunflower seed oil slowly and purposefully infused with rose petals, jasmine buds, and green tea. All base oils used are non-comedogenic, meaning they are formulated to not clog your pores.

Use a few drops on your scalp, tips of your hair, facial hair, and nails to moisturize and promote healthy growth.

Ingredients & possible benefits:
- argan oil: moisturizing, high in vitamin E, & protects from damage
- castor oil: promote hair growth
- sunflower seed oil: light weight, high in vitamin E, and frizz control
- rose petals: dandruff control, nutrient rich, & deodorizing
- jasmine buds: moisturizing & ease stress
- green tea: antioxidant & reduce hair loss

Packaged in 1 oz amber dropper bottles or 4 oz pump bottles.

  • 4 oz pump bottle
  • 1 oz dropper bottle