Halo-Halo Box

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Halo-Halo /Hah.lo-Hah.lo/ translates to mix-mix in Tagalog. It is the name of a staple dessert in the Philippines made of various components such as leche flan, ice cream, beans, and coconut jelly. Each "Halo-Halo" dessert is different and unique from one another, depending on who makes it and where you are in the Philippines.

Let us introduce you to our special "Halo-Halo" boxes filled with various Lola Severina products! Each box is different, making it a wonderful surprise and a perfect gift for friends and loved ones. You'll have the chance to be gifted exclusive and unreleased items, while saving money with this great bundle deal.

If you're new to Lola Severina and don't quite know what to get, this will also be the perfect sampler box for you.

(Each box is valued at an average of $75)