Amping Hand Sanitizer

$7.00 - $12.00

Amping /ah-mpee-ng/: Care, to Take Care
- moisturizing hand sanitizer
- peppermint & lemongrass essential oil infused
- 2 oz travel size bottles or 4 oz pump bottles
- made in the USA

Amping /ah-mpee-ng/ translates as a greeting "to take care" in the Visayan dialect of the Philippines.

Take care while using our hand sanitizer scented with peppermint and lemongrass essential oils to brighten up your day. Our quality hand sanitizer base is manufactured in the USA at an FDA registered facility, then infused with essential oils and bottled with love.

Peppermint Essential Oil benefits:
- anti-microbial
- reduce pain
- invigorating & energizing
- promotes skin renewal and relief from irritations

Lemongrass Essential Oil benefits:
- anti-microbial
- reduce inflammation
- provides anti-oxidants
- promotes relaxation

End of life:
Reuse bottle to mist plants or make your own DIY sprays. Glass bottle can be recycled while plastic spray elements cannot.

Handmade with love in Denver, CO

  • 4 oz pump bottle
  • 2 oz spray bottle